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I am not pleased with the image quality, how can I take better photos?

I am not pleased with the image quality, how can I take better photos?

Less than satisfactory photographs are usually a result of shooting with a slow shutter speed. Photographing quick-moving subjects can be made simple and easy following the suggestions below:

1. Keep steady.

The best way to avoid blurry images is by holding your camera steady. Here’s the easiest way to avoid camera shake:

* Use both hands.
* Rest your elbows on your chest (or a ledge or a wall).
* Relax.
* Press the shutter button gently.
* Use a tripod.

2. Get closer.

Most people usually stand too far away when taking a photo. The natural tendency would be to zoom in on your subject, however when taking photographs of subjects moving quickly, zooming in will make capturing a sharp, clear shot more difficult. Instead of zooming in, get as close to the subject as possible.

3. Increase the shutter speed

If your camera has the Shutter-Priority AUTO photography mode, you may adjust the shutter speed to capture clearer and sharper pictures. Set the camera's shutter speed to at least 1/60s. The faster the shutter speed, the greater the ability of the camera to capture a moving subject. Not all cameras have this option. If your camera has the Scene Position photography mode, use this in the SPORTS setting. Not all cameras have this option.

4. Increase the sensitivity.

The greater the sensitivity of the camera's CCD to light, the better your images will be exposed when a fast shutter speed is used. Not all cameras have this option.

5. Increase the ambient light.

If there is not enough light, the camera's shutter speed will be limited to slower speeds. This means that if fast shutter speeds are used, your images risk being under exposed (dark). To overcome this, open windows, curtains, and/or turn on more lights. If the subject is within the camera's effective flash range, use the camera's flash to provide more light.